Vanquishing the Ghosts

Not to be haunted

by the nagging complaints

against your way of walking


but surrounded instead

by the ancestors of beauty –

this, a blessing to you,


breathed with the first light

winking through the slightly open window

where the cool air reminds you


winter is on the edge of spring.

Your shoes are chosen for your gait

and your friends are chosen for their kindness.


Entering the day, you stroll or saunter or stride

just like you, and your breath is yours to match

the quiet drum of your own heartbeat.


No one else, in the creative universe, can change

what is the gift of you, although they may try

unhappy with the sound of their own feet,


unhappy that they have not been barefoot

in a thick moss of meadow or on the black sand

where the thunder tide braces itself on the earth.


Do not be haunted by those who do not attend

to their own breath, but you must open and drink

the atmosphere free around you.


Those old haunts will not give you good shoes

or a way of covering the distance you need.

They will offer you a stumbling march


while those who love you

move with their own grace alongside.


Mary Lautzenhiser Fraser 3-10-17


One comment

  1. susan detwiler · March 11, 2017

    Thank you beautiful Mary

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